Owner and CEO


Jorge Lestre


Movies and TV lover, Master's Degree in Specialized Translation and Art Studies, supporter of the visual arts



Décio Gonçalves


Translation Graduate, deep enthusiast in both movie and TV industry, fan of all things Star Wars, Disney, Marvel and DC.


Critics and Reviewers:


Beatriz Pinto


Journalist in love with movies and tv shows that’s why I spend my time daydreaming and writing about them. Like Tim Burton once said: "Visions are worth fighting for. Why spending your life making someone else's dream?". 


Diana Teixeira


Aspiring Vet. Give me a good movie, a 4 legged friend and a veggie pizza and I'll be set for life. I'm pretty much a mix between Michael Scott and Kelly Kapoor.


Kimberly Católico


I'm that person that traveled in Mcfly's car, ended in China saved by a young girl, wished to be mentored by Mr. Miyagi, aspired to be like Mary Poppins and cried with Simba. Ready to explore yet so much more!


Social Media Management:


Barbara Monteiro


I'm full of passions and I share my time with all of them. Studying economics to obtain my degree; absorbing marketing & advertising strategies and applying them as best as possible in my third passion: social media. Working on a film and series project is just the cherry on the top of the cake.


David Almeida


Communication enthusiast and marketing lover, I am always ready for a new adventure and I also love to travel! I face life like my dreams are my only and one goal, just like Walt Disney said: "If we can dream, we can make those dreams come true!"



Gonçalo Monte


Multimedia student. Rick & Morty, Disney and Harry Potter. Always ready to learn more. A person who loves music festivals, traveling and creative stuff. As Rory Kramer says "Live a life you will remember".



Inês Pedro


Bioengineering student, addicted to movies, TV shows and music. Travel lover and amateur photographer. Forever in love with Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Star Wars and Harry Potter.



Lynx Blindlind

I'm Lynx Blindlind and, as you can see, I have my own identity. I'm a person that always loves to help and learn how I can be more useful in these types of projects. CineAddiction is a way for me to express myself and play with the images that mean so much to many around the world!!!


Site created and hosted by:


José Sá


Degree in Computer Science. Computers have been a passion of mine since childhood and now I'm thrilled to have choose them for my future.