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Review: Lily Topples the World (2021)

Lily Topples the World Review


Being part of the Documentary Feature Competition, Lily Topples the World is probably the most optimistic film making its debut at SXSW Film Festival. It’s an adorable, tender and surprising feature about 20-year-old Lily Hevesh, a domino artist that conquered the world by being a true professional in creating difficult and elaborated domino toppling structures. It’s an inspiring, artistic and passionate journey for something that will definitely put a smile on your lips and will warm your heart. Lily Topples the World is the type of film the world needs right now, with a charismatic, absolutely engaging Lily Hevesh, who lets the audience in her life and lets them know what inspires her to create the unique art she has mastered.

Lily Topples the World Review

Meeting Lily is discovering what the best of the YouTube generation has to offer, assuring the audience that hard work and preserverance can make your dreams come true. Directed by Jeremy Workman, Lily Topples the World is a documentary that is simple in its approach, and almost entirely relies on the charisma of its subject, which is more than enough to make the audience instinctively feel attached to its main theme. Lily has a charm that is infectious and absorbing, making her an artist that, not only younger people can relate to, but also because her optimism can inspire people of all ages to pursue their dreams and expose their artistry with confidence and spontaneity. Workman knows he has a golden egg goose in his hands, but he digs deep on some of the most important aspects of the rising of YouTubers and how a good role model in the industry is essential to inspire good practices in the field. Workman allows the people that are in Lily’s life in a way they feel instrumental for the documentary to be even richer, and not relying entirely on the subject’s shoulders. A friend of Lily’s explains why YouTube (and other video platforms) can be a launching pad of success and how this is a new way of connecting people by their talents and life experiences. For some old fashioned minds this may reflect a careless and lazy millennial nature, but Lily Topples the World shows that this misconception is far from illustrating how hard working these YouTubers are. Lily was already an artist before discovering the platform and she was so young (9 years old to be precise) when she discovered the potential of creating a channel to expose her talent. It’s a precocious notion to have in such a young age, but it’s easy to see how Lily is committed to her passion.

Lily Topples the World Review

Lily Topples the World is an extraordinary and sweet documentary that makes you feel hopeful that by exposing your talent and expressing your art you will definitely reap the rewards in the future. The film is executive produced by Kelly Marie Tran in her first producing gig and it’s a win in all its glory. Colorful, heartwarming and endearing, Lily Topples the World is an adventure that will make you scream at any time a domino building gets destroyed after so many hours of putting up, and it certainly will make you have chills every time you see Lily or her colleagues walking around the extraordinary domino displays without tumbling one of them down… it’s all it takes to have your work ruined. In a way, the film is more like a suspenseful thriller, where the victims are the thousands of tiny plastic pieces that are destined to be savagely put down and Lily is the evil mastermind that says to her ruthless minions: “please, just topple this one here!”. But even with her coldblooded methods, Lily Hevesh is an inspiring, absolutely marvelous creator and is probably the most optimistic person you will ever meet in your life.

Getting to know her story, her passionate hard work and achieving the success she most definitely deserves, will make you want to keep this gem and rewatching it whenever you are feeling down or beaten up by life’s inevitable cruelty. Lily Topples the World shows, not only how a champion is made, but also how a champion should be to the eyes of the public. Lily is dedicated to her fans, family and coworkers without ever losing her grip on what makes her happy and never settles for less than what she clearly deserves. As a documentary product, Lily Topples the World is simple in its exposure, but that is all we need to feel close to it. It’s a film that is bigger than the world. It’s a film that celebrates life and artistry. It’s a film that can topple a cold freezing heart and make it pumping with love again. It’s essential filmmaking of an essential story and the world is most definitely richer to have a Lily Hevesh in it. When aliens arrive on our planet, I would sincerely name Lily as the embassador because she clearly embodies the best of humanity and her smile will definitely warm the foreign travellers, and besides, she is a hugger, which clearly is the most welcoming reception anyone can have!

Lily Topples the World Review

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Title: Lily Topples the World

Original Title: Lily Topples the World

Director: Jeremy Workman

Runtime: 90 min.

Trailer | Lily Topples the World