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Top 20 Worst TV Seasons of 2020 by Décio Gonçalves

Okay. So far, we’ve covered my personal for best and worst movies that 2020 had to offer. Not to mention that we’ve already covered what I considered were the best TV ventures of the year. But don’t worry, I didn’t forget that this was a poor year for television as well, and to be frank, there were seasons in which I had the will to just stop altogether. And honestly, some of these shows managed to do just that, in some capacity or another. So, let’s take a dive at the worst seasons this year had to offer.

20. Star Trek: Picard – Season One (CBS All Access)

19. Japan Sinks: 2020 – Season One (Netflix)

18. Black Lightning – Season Three (The CW)

17. Supergirl – Season Five (The CW)

16. The Flash – Season Six (The CW)

15. Arrow – Season Eight (The CW)

14. The Haunting Of – Season Two (Netflix)

13. Teenage Bounty Hunters – Season One (Netflix)

12. Westworld – Season Three (HBO)

11. Cursed – Season One (Netflix)

10. Love Life – Season One (HBO Max)

9. Baki – Season 2 (Netflix)

8. Muppets Now – Season One (Disney+)

7. Star Wars Resistance – Season Two (DisneyXD)

6. The Third Day – Season One (HBO)

5. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 – Season One (Netflix)

4. Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac – Season Two (Netflix)

3. Altered Carbon – Season Two (Netflix)

2. Helstrom – Season One (Hulu)

1. The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods (Netflix)