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Top 20 Best TV Seasons of 2020 by Décio Gonçalves

So, 2020 was a bad year for all kinds of businesses all around the world. The movie industry in particular was hit pretty hard (as if the constant rescheduling and delays weren’t enough), but the TV industry didn’t fare much better either. That being said, this year’s TV season also saw some brilliant seasons throughout, either from returning favourites or newcomers as well. And now, I shall share with you my picks for this year’s best seasons.

Do bear in mind that, in this particular cases, all series and anime that got released in late December won’t be accounted for. So, in advance, sorry, Attack on Titan fans.

And now, let’s get to it!

20. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Season Seven (NBC)

19. Lucifer – Season Five (Netflix)

18. Warrior – Season Two (Cinemax)

17. Doom Patrol – Season Two (DC Universe/HBO Max)

16. Alice in Borderland – Season One (Netflix)

15. BNA: Brand New Animal – Season One (Netflix)

14. Castlevania – Season Three (Netflix)

13. Harley Quinn – Season Two (DC Universe)

12. The Boys – Season Two (Amazon)

11. The Umbrella Academy – Season Two (Netflix)

10. Perry Mason – Season One (HBO)

9. Lovecraft Country – Season One (HBO)

8. What We Do In The Shadows – Season Two (FX)

7. Digimon Adventure: (Fuji TV)

6. Better Call Saul – Season Five (AMC)

5. My Hero Academia – Season Four (JNN)

4. The Mandalorian – Season Two (Disney+)

3. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season Seven (Disney+)

2. The Good Place – Season Four (NBC)

1. BoJack Horseman – Season Six (Netflix)