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Top 30 Worst Movies of 2020 by Jorge Lestre

As in the previous post about The Top 20 Best, Jorge Lestre did not take into the account movies of 2019 released in 2020, therefore, as a huge ammount of cinema was release online and in streaming services, this list is longer… let us wonder why… 2020 may have got some pearls, but it also has a LOT of rotten apples… and they are the following.

30. Rebecca

“This Netflix adaptation of Daphne du Maurier‘s literary romance is lifeless and boring, and even the performances by a talented cast can not save it.”

29. Monsters of Man

“I actually feel sorry for this one, because it can’t live up to its ambitious storyline because of budget reasons, since the cast is terrible and the visual effects don’t match the director’s view of events. It is a sad day, but Monsters of Man is awful.”

28. Deep Blue Sea 3

“I mean… was it really necessary TWO SEQUELS of this? You better stick along with Sharknado! At least it is funnier and sillier… this is just… I can’t even describe it…”

Deep Blue Sea 3 Crítica de Cinema

27. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting

“I mean, it is well intentioned, but the direction is so bad and the cast doesn’t live up to make it as awesome as Goosebumps. It is really a letdown… another Netflix production made for the masses without any joy or care for its characters.”

A Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting Critica de Cinema

26. Operation Christmas Drop

“I don’t really know what Netflix is trying to achieve by producing such a disgrace of a Christmas movie. It is sooooooooo boring… so typical… so NOT FUNNY… and… why??? just why????”

Operation Christmas Drop Critica de Cinema

25. Evil Eye

“This Amazon-Blumhouse collaboration was such a letdown… with two charismatic actresses being reduced to nothing, with a plastic relationship that doesn’t convince anyone.”

Evil Eye Critica de Cinema

24. The Call of the Wild

“This one I really felt terrible by not liking it, since I am a defender that live animals should not be used in film or entertainment. But the way the dog was created simply does not convince and the story is so terrible and so cliched that it makes our eyes roll.”

23. Hunter Hunter

“Another major letdown, since people were actually craving for it. It has a misdemeaning story that almost makes us feel pity of hunters. And despite a satisfying ending, it is a bore from start to finish, without any major things that stand out from the crowd.”

Hunter Hunter Critica de Cinema

22. Castle Freak

Castle Freak is the one I laughed so hard and drank a whole bottle of wine after seeing…. I’m sorry for the spoiler, Sauron taking refuge in a blind woman’s vagina for reasons I am still wrapping my head around. It is hilarious and it was meant to shock and terrify you… well done!”

21. Bloodshot

“Does anyone bother to tell Vin Diesel that his action movies are such a waste? I mean… Bloodshot is SO TERRIBLE and lacks depth that it feels like a human-version of Transformers… It is so painfully ridiculous… Why Hollywood, why???”

Bloodshot Critica de Cinema

20. Kadaver

“Aghghghghggh… this one makes my skin boil with hatred since it has actually a good story but underperformed so badly I can’t even watch it anymore. It annoys me when people actually have good material and waste it for the sake of not hurting people’s feelings by tearing bodies down in a cool and terrifying way…”

19. Fatman

Mel Gibson‘s version of Santa Claus could have been one of the coolest comedies of the year… instead it is not funny. It ruins Christmas… it ruins talent… it is a waste of time. Watch Bad Santa instead!”

Fatman Critica de Cinema

18. Wander

“I was really hoping that Tommy Lee Jones‘ return to the screen was going to be quite a ride. Instead it is a complete mess that tries to impress you with a not-so-good-twist to swallow, despite one of Aaron Eckhart‘s finest acting moments.”

17. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

“If people actually liked this… well, let it be for some cool songs or that cool song-along, because if I was from Icelandic heritage, I would really be pissed. Insulting and craving for a type of attention that doesn’t suit it in any way.”

Eurovision Critica de Cinema

16. Christmas on the Square

“Will somebody please remove Dolly Parton‘s cinematic universe or whatever it is called? Why ruin Christmas with this pile of garbage? Horrible performances, cliched story and nothing original comes from it. Just a pain in your ears and head.”

Christmas on the Square Critica de Cinema

15. Hubie Halloween

“Can anybody tell Adam Sandler he shouldn’t be making anymore comedies? The guy is simple not funny… and Hubie Halloween is such a display of talent waste. Why do people keep siding with him?? It is revolting…”

Hubie Halloween Critica de Cinema

14. Elyse

“I understand that Sir Anthony Hopkins wants to be supportive of his filmmaking wife… but please Sir Anthony, do not let her pursue that career… she just doesn’t have it with her. Elyse is a film that is so poorly acted that it can annoy the crap out of us.”

Elyse Critica de Cinema

13. Smiley Face Killers

“I am a fan of true crime and I usually love when films focus on serial killers that I have accompanied for quite some time. Smiley Face Killers doesn’t deserve to have its title… only a poop emoji.”

Smiley Face Killers Critica de Cinema

12. After We Collided

“Sometimes I wonder how this is only in this position… because After‘s sequel is as bad or even worse than its predecessor. Why do teenagers simply continue to read books or watch films based on those crappy books and keeps us enduring this melodramatic nonsense?”

After We Collided Critica de Cinema

11. The Tax Collector

“Why is David Ayer‘s career been so down lately? Why does he keep insisting on these macho wannabe thrillers that don’t bring anything new to the visual arts? What is happening with him?! Is he sick??!”

10. Endless

“I am constantly wondering how teenage romances are still falling in the same b****** every time another one comes out. Endless was actually one of the worst I have ever seen. And it insists on modernizing old classics to appeal to a wider range of public… unnecessary and dull.”

9. Death of Me

“The new film with Maggie Q and Luke Hemsworth NEVER actually finds its place, being a bore of a horror movie that NEVER really scares us… I just keep thinking why ridiculous movies like this are still being made…”

Death of Me Crítica de Cinema

8. The Secrets We Keep

“You know what bothers me the most? Is that cinema is still actually keep trying to relive horror events in our history just for the basic sake of entertainment. The Secrets We Keep is that type of movie that will annoy so much you will feel your time was totally wasted on nothing new.”

The Secrets We Keep Critica de Cinema

7. Rogue

Megan Fox‘s return to the screen has some of the most outlandish special effects in recent memory and its story is SO ATROCIOUS that we can’t stop laughing all the way through it.”

Rogue Critica de Cinema

6. Dolittle

“I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I mean… what now? Dolittle is probably the most precarious movie of the year… I mean… it could be put in first of the worst and you still feel that is not enough… but most incredibly, there are EVEN WORST FILMS THAT THIS ONE!”

Dolittle Critica de Cinema

5. Mulan

“I am a huge fan of the 1998 animated version of Mulan and this live-action was the most terrible thing I have watched in a long time by Disney. Even if it diverges a little bit from the original, the trying to look cool is simply horrifying. It is was probably the one that I was disappointed the most.”


4. Train to Busan Presentes: Peninsula

“I was never a big fan of Train to Busan, but of course I would watch its sequel… but I regret it now. What the heck is this??? What is it supposed to be?! I can’t even express to you how much I hated it. It is not a sequel, it is probably the dumbest movie ever made!”

Train to Busan Presents Peninsula Crítica de Cinema

3. Bulbbul

“This Indian horror film was classified by some critics as innovative… and it enrages me even more when they say it… You can’t relate to anything on it. It turns pure horror into comedy. Its story is so painfully constructed you will feel like you are not understand sh***… and it is still laughing in your face. UGH!”

2. Mortal

“Probably one of the most idiotic films ever made… Norwegian try at the superhero cut at the box office that doesn’t have ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that you can relate to…”

  1. Jiu Jitsu

“AND NOW LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! As this year had SO MANY TERRIBLE FILMS… THE ONE AND ONLY: JIU JITSU!!! Just drink two or more bottles of wine while watching it and you may actually at least laugh about it. There are simply no words to describe it.”

Jiu Jitsu Critica de Cinema