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13 Reasons Why: A Touchy Feely Recap

On June 5th we’ll finally watch the final adventures of Clay&Co. I got to be honest: I loved this show from the start and, despite how bad it became, it didn’t become bad enough for me to hate it.

So, with the upcoming end so close, I decided to keep up the tradition and rewatch all seasons. I know it’s a weird habit – Can you imagine rewatching 14 years of Supernatural and have to wait months for the final episodes? Big fail. -, but it helps bring out all the feels and makes me a crying mess.

What really matters is that this crazy writer is able to bring you these annoying, confusing, and messy recaps. I know you love them, even if you pretend you don’t.

Season 1

Probably the most emotional season of them all, the first season of 13 Reasons Why tells the story of Hannah Baker, a teenage girl who took her own life after a series of emotional and physical abuses.

As we unravel Hannah’s story through the tapes she left, there is no way for us to stay indifferent. Mostly due to Clay’s, the girl’s close friend, who feels guilty about not being more aware of her problems. Clay guides us through the tapes, mixing the present and the past as one, as he tries to cope with his own feelings.

The secrets that surrounded Hannah’s ultimate demise left us speechless and gave us a sneak peek of the real problems many teenagers face nowadays. Bullying is a present problem in schools all around the world and the rape culture present in Liberty High is a representation of many others.

As a woman, I could barely stand to watch Hannah’s classmates slut-shame her, her rape, and pain. But what really gets to me is how she tried, she really did. She was a friend to Jessica until her last moment; she tried to amend things with Clay and Alex; and she even gave her classmates a final chance by going to Bryce’s party.

It’s this season which makes 13 Reasons Why such an iconic show and even if you didn’t keep watching it, you should hold it close to your heart fondly as it opened many discussions about pressing matters.

Season 2

This season caused a lot of controversies and made the show lose a lot of fans. I actually have friends who say they pretended the show didn’t exist past season 1. However, I actually liked this season.

It gave us another perspective of the aftermath of Hannah’s tapes and an inside of how flawed the justice system is. I mean, a girl has taken her own life and, despite all the proves that the school was neglectful towards her, they still insisted on fighting the family in court. How horrible can you be to give this girl and her suffering no value?

We also got to see the effect that Hannah’s tapes had on everyone’s life, what happened after everyone found the true and how the group is dealing with the consequences. Justin had fallen out with Bryce, the only person who was by his side since they were young and is using drugs to cope with his guilt. Tyler has become more of an outcast and ends up being the end of Monty’s cruelty. Clay is becoming more and more unstable psychologically. And Jessica has to deal with the fact that she was also a rape victim. Meanwhile, Bryce walks around free and happy.

I do feel that Hannah and Zack’s relationship was a bit forced and used to give his character a little bit more purpose beyond the one it had. I disliked how it was used to slut-shame Hannah because even if it didn’t feel right, it was wrong to judge a girl for how she felt towards her classmate.

Finally, I believed that this season had an amazing opportunity to approach another sensible subject – a school shooting – and in the end, Clay&Co managed to defuse the situation peacefully. I know people argue that it is a very difficult issue to approach, but so is suicide and rape. Hell, this show could be considered a trigger in many ways, but I do think that with a little bit of thinking and planning, they could’ve done a hell of a job and set up the next season.

Season 3

The third season had more fiction than I like. It was something like Pretty Little Liars meets Riverdale, and I don’t like either one of those shows!

Despite the fact that Bryce finally got what he deserved, I didn’t appreciate how everyone turned into detectives/killers/killer’s accomplices. This is not the show I fell in love with! Hannah’s message was a beautiful one and they twisted it and turned into a stupid teenage murder show.

Ani was such an unnecessary character, more annoying than anything else, and ridiculously stupid. She kept butting into everyone’s business like she owned the place and had as much chemistry with Clay as I have with frogs – and, trust me, if there is one thing I don’t want near me is frogs.

I mean, she got on with Bryce even after learning all the evil he had done to Hannah, Jessica and many other girls, infiltrated Jessica’s group, which talked for rape victims, and kept sleeping with their rapist; she manipulated everyone around her and then made herself a victim. The only thing she did usefully was to help the group protect Alex – who, by the way, didn’t deserve it.

In the end, Monty took the blame for Bryce’s death and got killed in prison. I’m not saying that he didn’t deserve it, I just wanted to see him come to terms with his homosexuality. I didn’t want for him to become a hero or a victim, but to have his story wrapped in a more satisfying way.

Season 4

I’m not sure what to wish for this season. The trailer did have that horrible vibe of the teenage-drama-detective-revenge show and it shook me to the core.

However, I did see something interesting that I can’t wait for it to get into: Clay’s fragile psychological condition. We got glimpses of it during past seasons with him getting hallucinations of Hannah or losing his temper – remember when he tried to shoot Bryce? That was epic!  -, but I want him to completely go out of control.

Oh, by the way, if anyone ends up helping him, I hope it isn’t that bland annoying Ani, but Justin. I know Bryce’s ex-best friend did some bad things, but I like Clay and Justin’s brotherly relationship. It was one thing I enjoyed watching the previous seasons.

And if in the end, Clay gets his mental health in place and has his well deserved happy ending, I hope he does it as a single man. Maybe he and take off, mending off their wounds and trying to piece themselves back together.

No matter how you feel about the 13 Reasons Why, I highly recommend everyone to watch season 1. The subjects approached are actual debates and make us rethink how we behave. We forget that words are the most powerful weapon there is. They have the power to bring us up, but also to take us down.

Be well. Be kind. 

Okay, guys, this is it for today! I hope you liked another one of my weird recaps and if you want to read more, just click here!