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The 100: Hopeful Wishes for the Final Season

Hi guys! It’s here, it’s happening and we are going crazy about it! After seven years, The 100 is coming to an end, and we’re tearing up just at the thought of it.

I’ve already done a very strange recap – you can catch on here – and now I want to share all of the crazy wishes I have to this final season. However, I won’t do it alone.

I’ve asked João Montez, an ex-reviewer and huge fan of the show, to share what he wants to happen to our favorite survivors. It’s not the first project we do together and we do always have a lot of fun discussing our points of view. I hope you enjoy our playful, yet very serious, banter, even if we look like a pair of weirdos.

(Full disclaimer: we have yet to watch the new season!)

Without further due, here is our Christmas List for The 100!


Beatriz: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Bellamy and Clarke deserve to be end game. We’ve watched then go from enemies, to co-leaders, to friends, to best friends, to platonic soulmates (with a lot of enemies again in the middle!). After six years of pain, we do deserve to watch them have a happy ending together.

However, I don’t want this to happen after Echo dies. I want Bellamy to understand and accept his feelings for Clarke, be honest with Echo, and break up with her. If Bellarke happens with Echo’s ghost hovering over them, I’ll riot!

João: I couldn’t agree with you more about this. These two together are something that should have happened a long time ago and it’s more than time for them to be together. To tell the truth, Bellamy should never have had a relationship with Echo. In my head their relationship never made any sense. But I don’t see Bellamy breaking up with Echo to be with Clarke. They’re not going to be together until Echo dies.

Happy ending for Murphy

Beatriz: I’ll love John Murphy till the day I die. He was an a-hole in the first seasons, but he became such an amazing character and had a wonderful story arc that I don’t want to see him die and become a martyr. I really want him to end happy, with Emori and their friends. Maybe become the weird uncle to Bellarke’s babies. *sigh* I’m such a sucker for Disney ends.

João: A happy ending for Murphy and Emori would be more than deserved. He is one of the characters that grew the most. If we go back to see his path well since the beginning of the series, it’s hard not to like him. He can be selfish and naive most of the time, but deep down he has a good heart. However, because of his personality, I don’t see him becoming a martyr. He would only do it if it was to save Emori. Maybe…

Peace for Octavia

Beatriz: Octavia was the writers’ punch bag for seasons. She is one of the best characters in the show, even when she loses her temper and goes stir crazy. I really hope she gets the peace she deserves and gets back on track with her brother.

I actually liked to see a romance grow between her and Hope. In the books, Octavia is a lesbian and has a girlfriend, and that would be a cool storyline to explore. I wouldn’t mind seeing her with Gabriel either. However, as long as she gets a peaceful ending, I’m really okay with her being single and fearsome self.

João: Oh, Octavia… She was forced to grow in space and, on Earth, she was forced to learn how to survive against everything and everyone. She became one of the strongest and most feared characters in the series. The end of season six broke my heart, to see Octavia being stabbed and turned to dust and disappear into the Anomaly. It doesn’t make sense, it’s unfair, it’s revolting! She deserved better! I hope that the mystery of the anomaly will be unraveled and that Octavia will return and have a bright and peaceful future.

Redemption for Jordan

Beatriz: I know, I know. This choice of words may cause a lot of controversies, but Jordan disappointed me last season. I was excited to get to see more of him after the season 5 finale – after all, he was Monty and Harper’s kid – and I was expecting for him to bond with his “uncles” and “aunts”. But in a plot twist, he became obsessed with a girl he fell in love at first sight and kind of turned on his family.

I want him to live up to his parents, who never meddled in this kind of stuff, and reconcile with everyone. I want them to get to know each other and have a wonderfully fulfilling life.

João: Monty and Harper were two of my favorite characters. Whenever Jordan appeared, he reminded me of them. Unfortunately, Jordan was blinded by love, deluded, and unable to accept reality. I wish that this season he returns to normal, helps his friends solve the problems, and finds peace.

Happiness for Raven

João: Raven is undoubtedly one of my favorite characters since the beginning of the series. Her wisdom for technology and mechanics, as well as her strength and determination, have always fascinated me. However, in the series she was always one of the characters who suffered the most, was tortured, saw friends and passions dying and her happiness always lasted very little. This season I wish for Raven to have a happy ending, with no deaths, tears, or sorrow. She is one of the ones who deserve the happiest ending.

Beatriz: I can’t help but agree with you. Raven is such a powerful woman and deserves the best. I hated what they did to her character these last couple of seasons. In season 4 she had such a great story arc, dealing with the loss of her intelligence, and then she was all about Shaw, being bitter and blaming Clarke. I do hope she gets more screen time, gets back to her old self and, hopefully, get her friendship with Clarke back on track.

Diyoza and the Anomaly

João: This Anomaly thing gets me very excited! Who comes in doesn’t come out, except Octavia? And why? What do all those symbols mean? What is the explanation for the disappearance of all those who are drawn into the Anomaly? I hope that the secret of the Anomaly will be unraveled and that it will be possible to see Diyoza again and all those who entered the Anomaly before her.

Beatriz: I’m not sure what to expect of the Anomaly, but I do hope they are able to wrap it up with so few episodes. After I watched the trailer I do have a feeling is some kind of time travel vortex with a one-way ticket. 

Regarding Diyoza, yes! Let’s get our powerful, sarcastic, and snarky queen back. I was enjoying her character so much! She was building a strange, but nice friendship with Octavia and I wondered what happened to them in the Anomaly. I need to see that!

Clarke’s death

João: I know, I know! How do I want Bellarke to be a reality so bad and I also want Clarke’s death? The truth is, I don’t want her dead, but we have to be honest, Clarke is that person who does everything to make her people look good, she sacrifices herself for others without a second thought. I don’t want her dead, but with so much going on, the Anomaly, the Primes, Sheidheda… something tells me that Clarke will sacrifice herself one last time so that everyone can be happy and have a future in peace.

Beatriz: What? No! If there is one character that doesn’t deserve to die, it is Clarke! She deserves all the peace and happiness in the world! Let others take the bullet for a change. 

Although, I do get where you’re getting at. Maybe a kind ending for her was to die and finally be at peace, but I do see Clarke and Bellamy as a package deal and if – and it’s a big if – she dies, he goes too. I don’t think I can live with the knowledge that they’ll be apart forever, and neither can they.

Okay guys, this is it! Seven wishes we have for The 100’s final season.

João and I share similar points fo views, so there wasn’t much to argue, but I’m glad we got this off our chest and had to opportunity to discuss one of our favorite TV Shows. There was a lot more to be said, but we’ll leave it another time!

Thank you, João! I was so glad we were able to do this for old time’s sake and that you did have fun having to rewatch all of the seasons!

What about you, guys? What are your big wishes for this season? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share.

Love you, awesome nerds. May we meet again.