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The 100: a Weird, Messy and Honest Recap

I started watching this TV Show in 2018 and immediately fell in love with it. I had become a little angry with what was my favorite TV Show at the time – The Walking Dead – for basically keeping murdering itself and wanted something new to get excited.

So, while I was alone and bored at work, Netflix suggested The 100, which had four seasons at the time, and – forgetting the fact that I could actually get fired – I binge-watched them for a whole week. Then, I proceeded to buy the books and read them in four days. Basically I didn’t sleep for two weeks.

I was – still am – in love with it. I know, I know. It’s basically a teen drama and I’m grown adult, but I was completely taken by the story and the characters – book and TV – and I couldn’t stop obsessing with it.

And, I know my heart will be broken, but I’m glad it’s coming to an end. I rather it goes while still is a good show than being canceled because it started to suck.

With its last season just two days away, I’ve rewatched all of the 100 previous seasons and have chosen my favorite moments from the TV show – and I’ll repeat: MY favorite moments – which I’ll be presenting to you by season and with all the fangirling I’m entitled to.

One thing I do have to warn you about is: I’m a die-hard Bellarke shipper. I do enjoy the suffering Jason Rothenberg as put us through with all the platonic soulmates’ thing and I’ll probably share many of the scenes my heart jumped a little bit at the duo’s interaction. So, you have been warned.

Season 1

I do think my favorite moments from the season would be infinite, as it is my favorite season, so I’ll tone it done to my top 3 and we’ll go on from there.

We’re back bitches” it’s probably my favorite moment of all the seasons. Bellamy and Clarke have their first confrontation, the Blakes siblings give us a little preview of their dynamic, and Octavia it’s a cutie pie that we all love.

I think this was actually the moment I decided I loved the show. Can you imagine being a teenager trapped in a metal box inside another metal box in space? Seeing those group of misfits running around and enjoying the fresh hair made me smile. We come running, dos Youngblood Hawke is one of the most played on my playlist.

Charlotte’s death was also a moment that took me by surprise, but it fits well in the narrative. I think it’s the first time The 100 realized how hard life on the ground could be and how much their words and actions impacted the others around them. It made Bellamy realize they could be a lawless group if they wanted to survive and jump-started his co-leadership with Clarke.

Which brings me up to Dax’s death. No his actual demise, but Clarke and Bellamy’s heart-to-heart after it. The girls realized he intended to leave the group out of fear and coaxed him to stay because the 100 needed them as leaders. Together. This is probably the start of Bellamy and Clarke’s friendship and, despite the fact that I wanted them happily married, I also love their dynamic as friends

Season 2

Clarke and Bellamy’s reunion at Camp Jaha after she escapes Mount Weather it’s one of the best moments from the entire show.

I mean, we do need to be honest! Murphy, Raven, Octavia, Kane… These are all amazing characters that we’ve grown to love, but Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship, leadership, and drama are the heart and soul of the show.  Let’s put all romantic issues aside, and focus on how much they sacrificed to save the ones they love. If they continued as enemies, it would be a whole other plot to weight on their shoulders and make the show a real mess. Friends, lovers, co-leaders, it doesn’t matter. The fact that they are on the same side, with the same goal it’s pushes everyone forward.

Finn’s death was the golden snitch of the season. I never enjoyed his character and he proved to be an a-hole. So, I mostly cried due to Lindsay Morgan‘s acting at Raven’s pain, while in my heart rejoiced his ultimate demise. Bye-bye, dickhead.

I did, however, enjoy Lexa’s appearance and relationship with Clarke. She was an amazing leader and Alycia Debnam-Carey is a sweetie. Then, I ended up wanting her dead after she abandoned the Skaikru to their luck at Mount Weather. Like, WTF? Not cool, sis. Not cool.

And, no matter how macabre and horrible it was, Clarke and Bellamy pulling the lever to open the vents, and kill all of the inhabitants of Mount Weather, is still one of the most iconic on the show. Together. They did carry it so the others wouldn’t have to.

Season 3

I know there is a lot of controversy about this season and the fans have a love-hate relationship with it. However, I did enjoy the plot. We got to know how the world became a radioactive mess, how the grounders community came to be and why are the commanders so special.

I think my favorite part was how I came to love Murphy. He is a sweet, sarcastic, and weird cockroach, but I can’t help but have him on my top 3 characters. John Murphy deserves to be protected at all costs.

We also got introduced to another amazing character: Roan. The prince of Azgeda was such a strong, vibrant, and strong person and deserved better. His interactions with Clarke were always amusing and I had me glued to the screen.

I got to say that I was a bit shocked when Lexa got killed.  She was not one of my favorite characters and she was obviously an obstacle for my favorite non-existent couple, Bellamy and Clarke, but I did like her. She was such a good leader, with a mind of her own, and didn’t deserve to go the way she did.

BTW, I was extremely angry at Lincoln’s death. I’ve grown to understand how it fits in the plot – even if it was due to Ricky Whittle’s departure from the show -, but I was downright pissed. No one has the right to hurt Octavia and it broke my heart to see him go before he reached his full potential.

I know I’m probably talking too much about a season that I deemed as a non-favorite, but so much has happened that I can’t stop myself. Which brings me to my new subject: Pike, the Umbridge of the show.

I mean, if there is one character you can’t like in any way is Pike. When he first appeared I was like: Cool. He’ll be a father figure to Bellamy or Murphy or… No, he’s just a son of a bitch who deserved to be killed, cut up into pieces and burned. He got Lincoln killed, destroyed every chance the Skaikru had to join the other clans, and even manipulated Bellamy to become what he feared the most: a cold-blooded murder. I did not enjoy Pike in any way and hope he rots in hell.

Season 4

This was a crazy, messy season. I kinda wished they had wrapped things up in here, but we got more three seasons, so… Let’s keep it up, shall we?

I did like the all “only 100 of us can live” plot. It gave us a sense of desperation and it was a good way to keep things flowing with the gang. And the “if I’m on that list, you’re on that list” made me squeal like a baby seal. I was hoping for a cinematic kiss but *sigh*.

Murphy also stepped up his game this season. It was great to finally see him become more than the cockroach or Emori’s boyfriend. He was actually useful and we got to see another side of him when they tried to test the nightblood on Emori. Oh, and domestic Murphy, being good at cooking and stuff, is such a mood.

Just some quick remarks before a wrap this season up: thumbs down to Roan’s death – killing one of the best characters is never a good idea; thumbs up for Octavia as commander – she is such a spit-fire and has gone through so much; thumbs down for Clarke’s attempt to seize the bunker – it was so out of character for her and it pissed me off; thumbs up for Luna’s death – I liked her so much and her cause that when she became obsessed with destroying everyone’s plans, I was very disappointed.

One thing I do have to mention is Jasper’s death. I was very torn at the time, but I’ve come to terms with it now. Jasper was a great character, it made all of us fall in love with him and root for him. However, he had become such an annoying and whining bitch that I was relieved to see him go. I sympathize with his depression and felt so bad for him after Maya’s death, but he was so mean to Clarke, even though she wasn’t the only one to blame, and became so annoying that I’ve accepted it was time for him to leave the show.

The scene where he dies was so emotional that I cried for about an hour (each time I watched). I felt bad he had grown to hate Earth, after being so happy for being on the ground, and that Monty was there to watch. RIP Jasper. You always be in our hearts.

Finally – and swear it’s the last thing! – “the head and the heart” thing. I mean, I’m a Bellarke shipper! How can I not swoon over it? They hugged for what it felt like years and Clarke telling Bell he was her heart… I’m getting the feels all over again.

Then, Clarke stayed on Earth and Bellamy in space. The End.

Season 5 

Diyoza is a queen and no one can convince me otherwise. I felt in love with her the moment she wasn’t torturing Clarke anymore. I like her snarky, sarcastic, and on-point remarks and I enjoyed her become so close to Kane.

Talking about the hostage-taker and his girlfriend… How awesome it was for Bellamy to come to rescue Clarke using only a mug? I mean, we know the guy is amazing, but saving someone from a group of murders, rapists, etc with only a piece of ceramic was pretty hardcore. King Bellamy, the rebel.

And I’m going to say this – probably will get a lot of hate -, but Becho? WORST. DECISION. EVER. I know you guys are like: oh, she is a Bellarke shipper, she has to say this. You are wrong, my friends.

I’m a firm believer that if I had seen Echo’s evolution on the Ring, I would have grown to like her. I really do! I see how much she cares for Bellamy and their friends. However, we were robbed of that and whenever I look at her I can only see her for the murderous spy that she is. And I could’ve accepted Becho if I had seen the whole process (even in flashbacks), but all I can think is how can Bellamy be with someone who did him so much harm. She tried to murder his sister! TWICE! No, I can’t see it. Ever.

Octavia was also such a powerhouse this season. Her portrait of Bloodreina was on point and, even if I wasn’t on board with all the cannibal stuff, I was amazed to see how she had grown since season 1.

That’s why I was pretty pissed off with the cold war between the Blakes. Octavia had gone through so much and Bellamy was such a stubborn ass. The idiot couldn’t even forgive her before she went into cryogenic sleep.

Oh, and moving up a couple of hundred years forward… Monty and Harper’s death? Not cool. I loved this unproblematic duo so much. They were such a cute and wholesome couple and having they die off-screen was a big injustice for them. We got Jordan, it’s true, but we’ve lost so much more. May we meet again.

Season 6

I know I don’t talk about Raven enough, but I love her. She is such a great character, an amazing and strong woman, with a sharp mind and mouth. I kind of think they keep trying to ruin her character, by turning her to a bitter bitch, but I can’t stop caring for her. Top 5, for sure.

I did not enjoy her attitude this season, but it broke my heart how she reacted to Abby’s death. And obviously losing Shaw was such a hard blow for her that made me want to punch the writers in the face. Repeat after me: Raven deserves more! Raven deserves more!

The Primes. I don’t like Russell. I can’t even relate to the guy. He is just an a-hole, who deserves to be gone. I knew the moment he appeared that he was an idiot and he proved me right, again and again. But their storyline was very interesting and, despite not being a big fan of this new concept, I liked it enough to still have The 100 has my favorite show.

Josephine was psycho, but I do love a good psycho and she got me. Sara Thompson and Elisa Taylor did such a great job with her character! She made me laugh, even though she was trying to kill my favorite babies, and I was kinda sad she was gone.

Which reminds me: Murphy’s reaction to Clarke being alive was priceless. I think we got so focused on his survival ways that we forget he genuinely cares for others. I do wish we would get more time with him having a good interaction with Clarke, Raven, Bellamy, etc.

And finally – because I was so absorbed by the show I kept forgetting to take notes – the Bellarke content this season was on point. *fangirling* I do believe I would able to write a thesis on how these two deserve to be together.

OK GUYS! Thank you so much for coming to my TED Talk. I know I missed a lot of things, but six years of episodes are too much for an unfortunate soul. However, I’ll be coming back with a Part 2! (And a very special guest!)

I hope you all enjoy this and don’t forget to leave your opinion about the show in the comments! Love you, awesome nerds!