Top 10 TV Families

They can be a total nightmare, but families are the backbone of our very existence. We might cringe at the thought of that family gathering, wondering in what new ways our aunts and uncles can embarrass us. However, we know we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, in honor of Internation Family Day (May 15th), we’ve chosen 10 families that we think represent the definition of the word.

The Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker family (Modern Family)

This Modern Family charmed us since the first episode and we already miss them dearly. We’ve laughed, we cried, but one thing we can all agree is that this group of weirdos captured our hearts and will keep them forever.

The Belchers (Bob’s Burgers)

The Belchers are just a bunch of misfits that have big dreams, but a small bank account. Their witty humor and sharp remarks make them one of the funniest animated TV families, and we can’t just seem to resist them.

The Goldbergs (The Goldbergs)

I think we’ve said how much of a nightmare Beverly Goldberg is, but we also established that she is one of the most awesome TV Moms. However, this crazy mother has one of the weirdest families in the world and we love them until the end.

The Hecks (The Middle)

It’s been two years since the show ended and we miss the Hecks every day. The sloppiest family on the TV warmed their ways into our lives and we don’t even care how messy they are. We’re just sitting here, waiting for the spin-off.

The Milburns (Sex Education)

Otis if the luckiest kid in the world, even if he doesn’t see that. Jean is always trying to help and understand her son, even when he tries to push her away. But, at the end of the day, Otis can’t help but seek his mother’s wise advice.

The Tellers (Sons of Anarchy)

What stays in the family, stays in the family… If you know what we mean! The Teller may not share the same blood, but they’ve proven again and again they are there for each other. In the good and the bad!

The Villanuevas (Jane the Virgin)

The TV world is full of alternative and wonderful families. The Villanuevas are just another example of it. They’ve proved that three single mothers can become a tight and confident family without a man telling them what to do.

The Winchesters (Supernatural)

John and Mary sucked as parents, so we’re not even considering them into the equation. Despite this, Sam and Dean have such a strong bond that they are willing to go to Hell and back for each other – literally.

The Crawleys (Downton Abbey)

They are spoiled and stuck-up, but the Crawleys have proven us a lot of times they care and worry for each other. They might have servants to tend to their every need and spend their free time doing whatever they please, but they have seen each other through thick and thin.

The Banks (the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)

Will needed a home and the Banks gave it to him. If it weren’t for his uncle Phil, Will would be lost, and his cousins became the brothers he didn’t know he wanted. This family has become an iconic example of how TV Families should be represented.

Honorable Mention 

The Fosters (The Fosters)

This brunch has proven to us that family doesn’t start or end in blood. Lena and Stef are amazing moms who have done everything to make sure her children have the brightest future possible and they have grown into wonderful, strong adults.

What about you? What are your favorite families? Tell us all about it in the comments!