Top 10 Best TV Moms

Moms. They bring us to this world, feed us, dress us, help us through our bad moments, and put up with our tantrums. Unfortunately, most of the year we forget how much they do to us and it takes a special day for us to realize we should be more appreciative of them.

So, in honor of Portugal’s mother’s day, the CineAddiction team decided to share with you our favorite TV Moms.

  1. Claire Fraser – OutlanderAgainst time and the odes, Claire managed to reunite her family and she shows a maternal instinct for almost individuals she comes across.
  2. Sam Fox – Better ThingsShe really is the best single mom on television and works hard to provide her daughters the best she can,
  3. Lydia Riera – One Day at a timeStrength, bravery, and a great sense of humor are the best words we can use to describe Lydia, not only one of the best moms but also one of the best grandmothers.
  4. Rebecca Pearson – This is UsRebecca is a momma bear, very down to earth, and is aware that she is no perfect, but tries every day to be a better woman and mother while dealing with the loss of great love.
  5. Mary Cooper – Young SheldonHaving Sheldon Cooper as a child it can’t be easy, but adding Missy and Georgie to the mix it’s just downright hard. Mary Cooper is, not only the fiercest and most patient mother in Texas, but is all the world.
  6. Beverly Goldberg – The GoldbergsAt first sight, no one wants a smother liked Beverly. But if we are being honest, she is one of the best. She goes to extreme lengths to make sure her children have everything that they need and they don’t always show her the appreciation she deserves.
  7. Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls Despite her precarious living conditions, this a mother who does everything in her reach to provide a good life for her daughter.
  8. Siobhan Sadler – Orphan BlackShrouded in mystery, Siobhan – better known as Mrs. S – nurtures an unconditional love for her adoptive children.
  9. Katie Otto – American HousewifeKatie is not your typical mom, but she knows how to prepare her children for how unfair the world his. She might not cuddle or smother, nonetheless, Katie makes sure that her three kids try their hardest to be better.
  10. Marge Simpson – The SimpsonsAfter 31 years, we can all agree that Marge deserves the award for the best mom on TV. Can you imagine having to babysit your children and your accident-prone husband? She has it rough, but she loves her life and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Honorable Mention 

  • Claire Dunphy – Modern FamilyWith the end of one of the most iconic TV Shows, one of the characters we had most difficulty saying goodbye to was Claire. She is a working mom, who has to deal with her crazy children and man-child husband. On top of that, she got a weird son-in-law and two baby grandchildren. How can we not love this momma bear? We’ll miss you, Claire.

This is are our top picks. What about you? What are your favorite TV moms?