22 Anime Series You Should Watch On Netflix Right Now!

22 Animes Series You Should Watch On Netflix RIGHT NOW!!!!

As far as streaming services go, Netflix has quite the extensive library available. Movies, TV series, documentaries, stand-up comedy special, you name it. Anime is no exception. Despite being limited in some places, there’s plenty to watch and love! And since we’re in a very sensitive situation, why not enjoying the moment and start binging some titles? What follows is my personal list of recommendations, just for you!

Here are a few rules, though:

  1. No anime movies allowed, as they could be part of another list;
  2. It will be based on my personal viewing experience thus far, so don’t be surprised if I skip a few of them;
  3. Both Netflix original anime series and from other channels will be considered;
  4. There won’t be any kind of ranking, as these are good in their own right.

Okay, then. Let’s get to it!