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My TV Guilty Pleasures Right Now!

Every single one of us has a guilty pleasure. To my understanding, a guilty pleasure is a movie or a series where you know clearly there are deep flaws, but you just enjoy them anyway. I am a TV guy, so television has grew on me like a weed, and as much as I want to hate these TV shows, whether it would be because they ran for too long or just because they aren’t considered good enough, well… I still love them! There may not be a reason, but I still do, and I will keep fight for them. The list below is not by order of preference:

Animal Kingdom (TNT)

I mean…  it is sexy as it is entertaining. It may not be for everybody’s taste, but Animal Kingdom has the right dosage of crime, drama and impossible twists. Also, it tackles some interesting things about society nowadays. And we can all agree that macho display just suits the series so well, since it is based in a difficult movie to digest.

Carnival Row (Prime Video)

Orlando Bloom chaising fairies? I mean… that sounds ridiculous, but Carnival Row is so entertaining! The worldbuilding is awesome, despite my personal hate for Cara Delenvigne as an actress. It just blows me away the amout of time and dedication the time behind the cameras had to bring this world to life!

Élite (Netflix)

Élite is that 13 Reasons Why type show I never though I would be so much invested on. It has all those annoying clichés about teenagers, but it can mingle them into a riveting story, where the audience is actually driven to find out the mystery on their own. Spanish series are also deeply funny and endearing and sexy as well.

His Dark Materials (BBC)

I mean, I would consider this to be a high quality show series, but there has been a downgrade of quality episode after episode. And that season finale? Completely absurd! But, set in a fantasy world with amazing visuals and such an incredible performance by Ruth Wilson had me invested all the time. Even if I knew the options were terrible for the flow of the show.

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – “Are You the Mole?” – On the eve of graduation, Oliver gifts Connor, Michaela and Asher something unexpected. At the dean’s cocktail party, Annalise learns disturbing news. Later, Michaela receives a surprise phone call, and the FBI informant is finally revealed, on the fall finale of “How to Get Away with Murder,” THURSDAY, NOV. 21 (10:01-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Eric McCandless)

This series had its run. I mean… they shouldn’t have prolonged it for this long. We understood what it was about, but keeping the story flowing is not actually a very smart move when it is confined to a limited number of characters. However, I still find it so amusing and I’m always trying to guess who killed who. It’s the series I called “the queen of the twists”. Even being bonkers, it still makes sense!

Hunters (Prime Video)

I’m sorry to say this, but as I loved Inglourious Basterds, I find Hunters to be a homage. A team killing nasty Nazis? Count me in! It is so much fun! It doesn’t need a complex storyline, but the performances and all the rest is just awesome! I can’t wait for season 2!

Lucifer (Netflix)

After its cancellation on FOX I was really upset. This is one of my favorite procedurals. Lucifer is warming, fun, hilarious at times, and it can keep running just like NCIS or CSI. But the thing is… the best aspect of it resides in its simplicity. Good characters, lots of entertainment and a charismatic leading man? What else could we be asking for?!

Siren (Freeform)

Siren has such a deep message to the world. Its worldbuilding is great and the characters are actually lovable, as we dig deep into its mythology. It may not be for everyone, but Siren manages to keep it relevant while dealing with a fantasy-type story.

Supernatural (The CW)

I know… It should’ve ended a long time ago. But I still believe in the creativity of the writers. They have done the impossible! Keeping a show like this running for so long and still preserving its roots! I don’t imagine my life without Dean and Sam Winchester anymore. It’s gonna hurt when they end the show.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

Called it what you want, but The Umbrella Academy has some tricks up its sleeve! It is fun, sometimes thrilling action drama with lots of character development, even if the writer’s choices weren’t the best, I still think it is worth our look!

What are your favorite TV guilty pleasures?