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CineAwards: Michael Douglas sends a video proving he’s a true gentleman!

As CineAddiction begins to contact all the CineAwards winners, a huge surprise came in! Academy Award winner Michael Douglas has sent a video to CineAddiction thanking all the fans of The Kominsky Method for their support of the show and for his win as Best Actor in a Comedy or Dramedy Series. The awards will be made and sent after the winners’ replies. We are so thankful to receive this video from such a great gentleman and visual arts icon! Michael Douglas was up fierce competition in his category: Barry‘s Bill Hader, A Series of Unfortunate EventsNeil Patrick Harris, Atlanta‘s Donald Glover, Kidding‘s Jim Carrey and Preacher‘s Dominic Cooper, who won last year.

Thank you so much, Mr. Douglas! You truly are one of a kind! A treasure to be cherished! May The Kominsky Method season 2 be as good as the first one!

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