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Exclusive interview with Hannah Levien!

Great news! CineAddiction will have an exclusive interview with Hannah Levien tomorrow (May 23) at 6 pm. We are all very excited for that!

For those who don’t know, Hannah Levien, an Australian actress and writer, is well-known for her roles as Calliope in Supernatural, Victoria in The Magicians. In 2018, you can expect to see her in the popular series Colony and UnReal as well as the much anticipated new series Siren and Reverie.

Growing up in Australia, Hannah graduated from drama school and began working extensively in theater. She marked her foray into film with the award-winning feature, The Horseman, as runaway teenager, Jesse Forteski. The Horseman won several awards at various Australian film festivals and screened at world-wide festivals, including SXSW, among others.

As a keen storyteller, Hannah completed her Master’s degree in Screenwriting and Directing at the University of Sydney. Her first short film, which she wrote, produced and directed was accepted into the Australian Director’s Guild Awards. Shortly after, Hannah received the Arts Queensland Professional Development Award, enabling her to continue her actor training with famed American coach Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles.

Currently based between Vancouver, Canada and Los Angeles, Hannah works as an actor in a variety of popular television shows and is keenly developing her own films with local award-winning filmmakers. Her film Hunting Season (which she says she wrote in a ‘feverish unicorn daydream’) is currently finishing post-production in Vancouver.

Don’t forget to keep in touch. News about this interview will come!

Biography taken from Hannah Levien’s website.