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CineAwards 2018: First nominee Eline Powell reacted to her nomination!

As a reward for actor Ben Danielssweet thankful photo with the CineAward for his win as Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Drama Series for recently cancelled The Exorcist, CineAddiction decided to reveal the first nominee of the 2018 edition of the annual CineAwards.

This first nominee was Eline Powell, who can be seen in Freeform‘s Siren, and she displays an amazing portrayal of Ryn, a mermaid that tries to connect with humans after her “sister” is kidnapped and tortured by scientists. Siren is definitely one of this year’s most curious debuts and Powell shows a magnificent talent as the leading character of the series.

Eline Powell has reacted to her nomination on Twitter and she is just as excited as you are for being part of the CineAwards lot of nominees. We congratulate the actress by her extraordinary work and we hope that Siren keeps digging deeper into this magical, violent but beautiful new world.

Here’s her reaction:

CineAddiction will give new nominations soon and all the fans that they can vote freely in their favorite nominees when the poll opens January 1st. The poll will close on February 25th, 2019 and the winners will be announced on February 28th. Voting is unlimited, so get those fingers ready and remember, be addicted!