TV Ultimate Battles

Mega Ultimate Battle – Qualification

During the last 10 months, several broadcast networks had their TV Shows competing against each other to elect the champion of each network.
Points were made with thousands of votes by hundreds of people, and with that, each network conquered its space (with number of TV Shows Qualified) in the Mega Ultimate Battle.

In the next days we will reveal the top 15 broadcast networks (and the points that they have made).

For now, we give you the final 64 qualified to The Mega Ultimate Battle.

>1st Bold: 
Champion of each broadcast network;
>2nd Green: TV Shows qualified by vote;
>3rd Blue/Green: Choice of the nerds;
>4th Black/Golden: Special Guests;
>5th “Potes”: There will be 16 groups (w/ 4 TV Shows). In each group there will be a TV Show from “Pote 1” (the “sharks” of this competition, according to the Ultimate Battles), and another TV Show for each “Pote” (2, 3 and 4);
>6th Group Stage: There will be a lottery to decide the groups, and The Mega Ultimate Battle, starts November 12th.